Kyuwon’s Story

“I found out that UP International College provides a high standard online learning course, and it was a perfect option for me in pandemic time. Also, it was very appealing that I can choose my own subjects that match my preferences, so I made up my mind to study at UP International College.”

Suong’s Story

“I decided to enroll in the AUT Certificate in Foundation Studies because I want to apply to the university’s event management major. Furthermore, I want to become acquainted with the academic environment and completely equip myself with certain soft skills so that I am not startled and overwhelmed when I arrive at university”

Jiwoo’s Story

“My portfolio was all done in Design Studio class during foundation course. Each design degree at AUT requires a different portfolio that explains what you aim to study at AUT, and for me, since I wanted to study Digital Design, I came up with a short story about a girl, Leah, and made a storyboard and some covers for it.”

Sattabut’s Story

“UPIC is definitely the place where every staff member and teacher will help you out when you are struggling. Teachers here always try to help and push me to become the best in my academic journey. They are always available and answer any questions I have regarding studying. “

Qiming Zhou’s Story

“New Zealand has a high quality of tertiary education, and there are beautiful sights thus could make me relax. The Foundation Programme at UPIC is designed for international students, which made me more adaptable to the study environment in university.”

Kin Wang’s Story

“New Zealand is a great place in handling cultural diversity and crime rate which would be benefit for my personal growth and future career path. The biggest reason why I choose UPIC is opportunity. At every stage of the educational process, they place a strong emphasis on student’s needs.”

Thang’s Story

“One of my hardest challenges were choosing the right path in education. Since back in Asia students weren’t given the right to choose their subject of interest before enrolling in university, it was a difficult decision of what subject to take to enhance my abilities to their best.”

Juan’s Story

“Several of my teachers and some staff that focuses on international students have helped me a lot to understand the New Zealand academic system, and help me to adapt easier to my Foundation Programme by answering my questions. In general I really felt the companionship of UPIC staff.”