Applying for the AUT Certificate in Foundation Studies is simple. Applications can be made in person at our UP International College Auckland campus, online, or by filling out a hard copy application form and emailing or posting it to us.

2024 Start date (incl. Orientation)

On Campus Orientation Day

  • 7 February 
  • 22 April
  • 15 July,19 July(Pathways Link Programme)
  • 7 October 

Accelerate, Fast-track, Standard and Foundation Connect programmes commence each term

February Intake: 12 February – 12 April

April Intake: 29 April – 27 June

July Intake: 22 July – 27 September

October Intake: 14 October – 13 December


The AUT Certificate in Foundation Studies takes 6 to 18 months (two to six terms) to complete, depending on the student’s academic background and level of English. These start dates include Orientation, which students must attend. Foundation Connect is a comprehensive six-month extension programme that provides targeted preparation for Foundation. Students at the end of the 6-month Foundation Connect programme will be individually appraised to check that they have achieved the set criteria of entry into Standard Foundation. Pathways Link Programme is a one-year programme will offer successful students entry into AUT Foundation Studies programmes – There are only two intakes in 2024 – February and July.

2024 Tuition Fees

Course Duration English Level Tuition Fees (NZD) Resource Fees (NZD)
Accelerate 6 months (2 terms) IELTS 6.0 (a minimum of 5.0 in all bands) $19,500$900
Fast-track 8/9 months (3 terms) IELTS 5.5 (a minimum of 5.0 in all bands) $24,250 $900
Standard 12 months (4 terms) IELTS 5.0 (a minimum of 4.5 in all bands) $31,250 $900
Foundation Connect* 6 months (2 terms) IELTS 4.5 (a minimum of 4.0 in all bands) $16,750 $1,200
Pathways Link Programme (PLP)* 12 months IELTS 4.5 (a minimum of 4.0 in all bands) $32,000 $2,000

Additional fees (if applicaple)

Enrolment fee $450
Exam fee $400
Medical and travel insurance (12 months)# $789

*Students starting with Foundation Connect / Pathways Link Programme will pay the Enrolment and Exam fees once and will not be charged again upon progression to Foundation.

#International students must have comprehensive medical and travel insurance while in New Zealand. Enrolled international students will be charged Allianz’s Studentsafe Inbound Learners insurance premium when enrolment is completed.

International Student Support and Accommodation Fees