April 2023 Orientation Programme for

Foundation Connect

The first semester of Foundation Connect is taught at 345 Queen Street, Auckland, and around the world, online. The programme is designed to provide knowledge and skills that are necessary for studying a wide range of compulsory and optional subjects in Semester Two of the Foundation Programme and beyond. The context of the learning will be straightforward and will require students to interact with others as well as take some responsibility for their own learning. Emphasis will be made on English in every subject. 


All sessions are held in New Zealand Standard Time.  

Note: We recommend that you use the latest version of Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, 360 or QQ browser for the best user experience.


Before each session:

During orientation:

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Key contacts

During orientation, we will introduce you to your individual support contacts who will include the Tutors, Subject Teachers and Deans of your course.