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English test

The UP English Language Test (UPELT) has been developed to help provide prospective students with obtaining their English language scores prior to enrolment.

The UPELT will have a fixed schedule every Wednesday that is easily booked through the UP Admissions team.

There are secure online and offline versions that can be facilitated on or off campus and are arranged in the afternoon (NZ time). Results are provided within 48 hours.

Covering all four elements of English language; reading, listening, writing and speaking, this well-rounded assessment is fully approved and accepted for entry into the University of Auckland Certificate in Foundation Studies (excluding Accelerated).

All four elements follow a similar theme allowing for a natural progression from reading to listening to writing and to speaking.


3 passages (approx. 300-400 words each) from:

  • a textbook chapter or report
  • an academic article or essay
  • an academic abstract
40 minutes

2 tracks

  • a conversation in an academic setting
  • a part of a lecture

20 minutes

(Plus time to record answers)


1 essay, 220-250 words

  • problem and solution
  • cause and effect
  • advantage and disadvantages
40 minutes
(Plus time to upload the essay)

2 tasks led by an examiner:

  • a conversation on familiar topics
  • a discussion of a topical issue
10 minutes
(Plus time for preparation)

Book your test:

Step 1: Apply for one of our programmes.

Step 2: Email admissions@up.education to book the Up English Language Test. You need to make the booking at least 2 weeks in advance of your desired test date.

Step 3: Make the payment. The fee for the test is $50 NZD. You can make the payment by scanning the QR code or following the instructions on the payment request form that you will receive from the admissions team.

Step 4: Once the payment is made, please send the payment evidence to admissions@up.education.

Step 5: You will receive a confirmation of your booking from admissions team once the payment is received.

Please note: If you want to cancel or make any change to your test booking, you need to notify admissions@up.education by email at least 1 week in advance of the confirmed test date; no refund will be applicable if the cancellation or change request is received within a week in advance of the confirmed test date.

Preparation for each test:

  1. Read the detailed instructions about the test.
  2. Read the instructions for logging into Education Perfect.
  3. Complete the practice task on Education Perfect the day before the test to familiarize yourself with how to use the platform.
  4. Read the requirements for setting up your desk, space where you will take the test, and test security procedures carefully.
  5. Make sure that you have the link. This will be sent to you via email the day before the test.